Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ranks of the Doored

Last night I joined the ranks of The Doored.

Last night I was hit by a door while riding my bike. A door may seem like a non-threatening inanimate object but I assure you this one was prepared to go the distance and definitely won the tilt. I was making my way to The Counter, a great burger place on Diversey and Clark, when a cab door opened on my left knocking my handlebars askew and forcibly dismounting me from my bicycle. This isn't a story of massive injury. My cat-like reflexes kept me on my feet. However, Red Rocket and I landed about five feet from the collision point and the chain almost came completely off. After seeing a bike twisted like a pretzel a few weeks back from a run in with a delivery truck, I'm content escaping without any injury to me or Red Rocket.

Anyhow, it could've been worse. And I'm glad it wasn't.

Naturally, the cab driver looked at me like it was my fault. And he's right. I telepathically instructed him to drive in the bike lane and again telepathically instructed the passenger to open the door precisely as I passed by. Caught red handed... how are cabby's so smart?

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