Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Bakery? Unsanitary? Never!

Since releasing the announcement yesterday that I might someday open a bakery, there have been stirrings amongst our friends and relatives in support and offers of advice - all welcome, naturally.

However, several persons have said something that disturbs and somewhat upsets me. Apparently, upon hearing the potential name of my establishment, The Bearded Baker, those people immediately thought the name sounded unsanitary.  

One friend suggested a 'beard-net'. I countered with the option of wearing a bandana in bandit style. Yet still there is dissent. 

What is to be done? If I have a bakery will I have to swear off my beard forever? Woe, woe, and woe again. Let it not be so!

I might not take these accusations personally, but my beard does!

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