Friday, September 19, 2008

Goodnight Moon, Hello Sun - Part 1

"And there was evening and there was morning, the first day... Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And God created the two lights great lights - the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. And there was evening and there was morning, the fourth day...

As I've been contemplating the theme of light and dark in the book of John, several thoughts have assaulted my knowledge of Christ. Most notably is this - that Jesus, the Messiah, is the light. Let it sink in. Read it slow. Bathe in this truth as you would bathe in the rays of the sun of summer. 

Andrew Murray writes in The True Vine that, 
"All earthly things are the shadows of heavenly realities - the expression, in created, visible forms, of the invisible glory of God. The life and the truth are in heaven; on earth we have figures and shadows of the heavenly truths.
When Jesus says: "I am the true vine," He tells us that all the vines on earth are pictures of Himself. He is the divine reality, of which they are the created expression. They all point to Him, and preach Him, and reveal Him. If you would know Jesus, study the vine."

Murray's Vine succinctly provides the form for my sentiments concerning the Sun. To borrow from Murray, when Jesus says: "I am the light of the world," He tells us that light, and it's physical source the sun, is a picture of Himself. He is the divine reality, of which the sun is the created expression. The sun points to Him, preaches Him, and reveals Him. If you would know Jesus, study the light and the sun. These physical expressions will not give a complete understanding of Christ, but they will, in their own specific ways, testify uniquely to his nature and character.

This week I am amazed at the Messiah, the light and life of men. He has come onto the scene of humanity with a light that pierces the deepest darkness and a life that raises the dead from the grave. 

There is more I want to share, but I am not eloquent enough to tie each of the threads together. For now, pick a day this week when you can arrange your schedule and go someplace to see the sunrise. Get there an hour before that ball of fire rises so that you experience the darkness before the dawn. Immerse yourself in the glory of God's creation as you ponder Christ as the true light. 

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Somewhere inside the light bulb

1. the bundle was illuminated by the torch
LIGHT (up), lighten, throw light on, brighten, shine on, irradiate; literary: illumine, illume, enlighten. ANTONYM darken.

2. the manuscripts were illuminated
DECORATE, illustrate, embellish, adorn, ornament.

3. documents often illuminate people's thought processes
CLARIFY, elucidate, explain, reveal, shed light on, give insight into, demystify; exemplify, illustrate; informal: spell out. ANTONYM confuse, conceal.

[definition provided by my dictionary widget]

I have blogged other places, I've thought thoughts on other pages, and here I am beginning a new blog in a new place. What has changed are my thoughts. 

Most of my life till now could be characterized by a number of word-pictures. For many years my email name has been (and will continue to be) transphormed@whereverI', and I applied that name to my old blog as well. But here's the hang up - the more I look inside myself, I see less and less that has been transformed and more and more that needs to be transformed by God into the likeness of Christ. Those days are bummers. The name I chose for myself has turned into a shackle of shame chained to my soul because I know that though I've been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, my mind has not yet been renewed perfectly - though it is being renewed daily. As a result, the most of me has yet to be transformed. 

I am forced, therefore, to choose a name that strikes an honest accord with this new account of my body, mind, and soul. This last week I began reading the Gospel of Jesus, as recorded by the Apostle John, and as I read the first chapter I was struck by a phrase I thought I knew.

"In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." John 1:4-5

I count myself amongst those have been illuminated by the Life and the Light of men, Jesus the Christ, my Creator and Redeemer. The Messiah shines into the darkness of my body, mind, and soul. He reigns and is not subdued, He reigns and is not overcome. In this there is no shame, in this there can be no false guilt. Before, I wrestled to be transformed by my own strength. Now, I rest, knowing that by God's grace He shines upon me, in and through me, not by my will but His alone.

Hopefully, this blog will be reflection of God's continual illumination of my being. I pray that it will, and that through His word, with Christ as the center, this blog will serve to illumine you as well, transforming each of us through the renewal of our minds by the power of the Holy Spirit.