Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's with The Doctor

I wish this post were some glamorous narrative about moi, the doctor of love, cooking up a fantabulous Valentine's for my honey.

Unfortunately, parasites planted their flag in our home recently and February 14, 2012 will instead be remembered as the day we met The Doctors of Death - a.k.a., the Exterminators. Three separate pest control professionals toured our lovely home today giving estimates on just how much moolah it would take to rid our living quarters of the insectoid stowaways. Not exactly the most romantic place to be spending a quiet evening with my bride.

Instead we made the most of it and had a special dinner at a fancy place downtown. Seriously, it is the best of it's kind in all of Chicago. And they had romantic music to boot!

(If you've never been, please go soon. It'll change your life)
You may think this a strange place to go for romance, but Amy and I share a relationship built on many things, including adventure. So, thanks to Al, two of the best Italian Beef sandwiches ever, and some fantastic heart-shaped pretzels dipped in chocolate thanks to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, we managed to celebrate love just fine.

And when we got home, I got to plug in a steam gun and blast bugs in our furniture! It's fun getting to play the hero on Valentine's day. Even if my arch enemy is only a bug, I still got to rescue a maiden in distress.

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J&H said...

Oh, you romantic, you!