Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm considering rebooting the blog - anyone interested?

By reboot I mean:

- blogging on a schedule

- a possible move to 1) tumblr; or 2) wordpress

- being a pro (i'm not sure what I mean by this, I think I mean... be awesome at blogging)

Here's why:

- I miss writing

- I think I've grown over my fear of saying dumb things. All my favorite bloggers regularly say dumb things and it's awesome. So, time to be real. Out with the canned, in with the...  umm... real/authentic-ness... something. Boo-ya, I've now said two dumb things - I slaughtered an idiom and said Boo-ya.

- I like the internet. Slash, I might be an internet addict. And I consume a lot of it. Maybe it's time to contribute.

- Oddly enough, hanging out on the blogosphere I feel very grounded. Something to do with the fact that real people read what I write, so it matters what I write. And that makes me feel a little more connected to the world.

The end.

1 comment:

J&H said...

For goodness sakes, I've been waiting and waiting for your next blog installment. 10 months later, or so, and you've remembered how to log back on as yourself. Whew!!! Yes, contribute, write, say dumb things. I'm right there with you. :)