Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing to write about...

Lately, I've been getting in touch with my hypocrisy. It's a short story, and goes something like this...

(cue dream music/bubble sound effects)

Tis the start of day. Breakfast cereal in hand it's time to check in on the world.

*click* (open internet window)
*click* (check news)
*Command T* (open new tab)
*click* (check facebook)


*click* (select drop down menu of favorite blogs)
*click* (check WA family's world)

Disappointment. Oh, man... No new stories about the niece and nephew. No new pictures to tide me over till the holidays. Oh wait! Yep, there's one. A three-sentence story. Phew! Better than nothing, right? Maybe it's part of some attempt at concise writing. Effort noted, but I also love the good long stories that give you a crick in the neck from reading the laptop screen too long. But, you know, it's your blog. Don't let me cramp your concise style. Just cause I'm a professional rambler... *awkward cough* ....

*click* (select drop down menu of favorite blogs)
*click* (check NY family's world)

Let down. How long has it been since their last post? For as cute as my niece is they have to have plenty of stories they could put up, right? hmmm.... I suppose I could call more often too... Well, in the mean time, let's watch that awesome video again. *click* WHAT?! The link still isn't working? How can I inform them that the link isn't working without giving away the fact that I check their blog way to much? ...
No answer.
Deep Sigh.

Pause and regather.

*click* (check National Review online for the latest op-ed piece on how screwed up the world is)

[note: I am now just sitting, waiting for the news to refresh, finishing my cereal]

Oh yeah! Email! Maybe someone wrote me!

*click* (open mail)
*click* (refresh inbox)

scroll.scroll.delete.delete.highlightentiresection - delete. Oh! One from Mom! Phew! What a relief. Oh! And another email from that one thing that sends me updates all the time that I always say I'm going to read but never do. They put so much effort into sending an encouraging message but because I have an appetite for family blog their heartwarming message just falls short. delete.


Finish cereal.


Contemplate another bowl and one more round of internet...

Yes to bowl, no to internet...


Okay, so somehow that just became a story about morning internet drama. Sorry, I got distracted by the onomonopia of typing *click* (oh, i did it again :)

Anyways, the point was to illustrate the way I can't wait to see if something new is posted by my family, but I never post anything myself. Blatant hypocrisy. I doubt they do what I do, but maybe sometimes they check my blog and say, "Really, nothing since May?" Or, "Why doesn't he ever post pictures, we still haven't seen what their apartment looks like?"

So, to my family and friends who hopefully don't check my blog nearly as often I check theirs, thanks for bearing with me. Maybe I'll learn to write more, or recognize to a greater degree the blogability of my life. Then again, maybe my lift ain't all that blogable and I should just give up. On blogging - not life.

Note: Thanks for blogging! This wasn't meant to be a subtle attempt to guilt you into writing more. So don't read it that way. Of course, if you do decide to blog more, know that I'll know, and know that my mornings will be happier :)


J&H said...

- WA family

c3 said...

Just read this... a couple months late! Will try to post more. :)